This is one of the most asked questions and the answer is, Yes.  During the loan process the lender is required by law to provide you a copy of the Real Estate Appraisal either before closing or at closing (depending on your agreement with the lender). The lender is the appraiser’s client and due to privacy laws the appraiser can only give the appraisal to the lender who ordered it.

If you switch lenders for any reason the appraiser cannot transfer your appraisal to your new lender. That is a legal violation that could cost the appraiser their license. It seems like a real pain  but the law was created to protect your very personal information from being passed around. Identity theft is a very real and damaging problem and this is just one step in protecting you from being a victim.

If the appraisal was done for an individual client (no financing or lender involved), then the appraiser will provide a copy of the appraisal to you or anyone you designate to receive it such as an attorney or CPA.

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