Bail Bonds Appraisals

Appraisals For Land And Homes is a family oriented business that assists homeowners in need of posting bail in Blue Ridge, Georgia and its surrounding areas.  We know how traumatizing these situations can be and understand the importance of moving quickly in order to get your loved ones home as soon as possible.

An appraisal is often required to determine collateral for a bail, immigration bond, or some type of custody.  Upon requesting a bail bond appraisal, we will always give this appraisal the highest priority above all others.  We call these ‘drop everything we’re doing appraisals’ because we will stop working on other appraisals, reschedule appointments, and much more in order to focus strictly on your needs.  We will perform a professional, accurate, and fast appraisal ready to be placed in the hands of your bail bondsman as soon as they need it.

Our team of certified and experienced appraisers understands the complexities involved in assessing the value of a property under these difficult circumstances and work hard to provide you with the best possible experience.  We also understand the sensitivity of these matters and promise our services are both discreet and confidential to protect your privacy.

Our Senior Appraiser, Tracy Sosebee, has extensive experience in working with local bail bond companies and law firms here in Blue Ridge, Georgia and surrounding areas regarding bail bond proceedings.