Appraisals for land and homes in a small rural market can be complicated. The following are some pointers that can help you choose an appraiser who will provide an accurate assessment of your property.

Certification and Experience

Certification is a must, as it shows an appraiser is qualified to provide an assessment. Certification will also be beneficial if there is another party who could contest the results (i.e. a soon to be ex-spouse, tax assessor, etc.)

It is equally important to ensure the appraiser has experience assessing the type of property in question. There are residential appraisers and commercial appraisers and there are different certifications for each. Some appraisers specialize in one or the other.

Local is Best

Location has a large bearing on appraisal results. Choosing an appraiser who works and lives in the local area is always a wise idea. A local appraiser will be an expert on your specific neighborhood.

The appraiser in Blue Ridge GA will understand our unique small rural market and provide an accurate appraisal that you can base future financial decisions upon.

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