Look at your home from the street and make sure your curb appeal is maximized by a tidy yard, grass mowed, hedges trimmed clutter and toys put away. These are all small issues you can take care of quickly to make a good first impression.

The same for the interior, the appraiser isn’t critiquing your cleaning skills but fix or replace all non-functioning door latches/handles, torn screens, worn out carpet, and basic plumbing and light fixtures. A well-maintained home is reflected in the effective age and that can be significant value.

Make a written list of a recent improvements/upgrades made to the property along with any other special features in your home. No one knows more about your home than you so write it all down. Writing it down is the best way to present the information, it ensures you don’t forget anything when your put on the spot and it allows the appraiser to concentrate fully on the inspection so they don’t miss anything either. Also, list any changes or amenities in your neighborhood. Know your annual fees and what they cover.

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