Tax Assessment Appeals

Do you believe your property taxes are too high?  It could be that the tax assessment on your home is incorrect!  

Sometimes you can correct this issue with a simple phone call.  However, if after speaking with your local taxing authority you still feel as though your property has been overvalued, the best step to take is to hire a professional, third-party real estate appraiser with experience in tax assessment appeals.

Many homeowners use their own research to determine if their property is overvalued.  We encourage this practice especially before making the decision of hiring a professional appraiser.  However, according to the USPAP (Uniform Standards of Professional Appraisal Practice) we as appraisers are not allowed to use your research as part of our evaluation.  When you hire us for an assessment appeal, you’re commissioning us as an independent, third-party to perform a professional appraisal report.  We do our own evaluation from beginning to end.

If you’re correct that your property has been overvalued, an appraisal by an experienced real estate appraiser can provide the documented evidence you need in challenging your property tax assessment.  A professional appraisal will be more persuasive than any other evidence you can provide on your own.

Appraisals For Land And Homes has successfully helped numerous property owners in Blue Ridge, Georgia and its surrounding areas appeal and win their cases by providing quality appraisal reports, saving property owners thousands of dollars.  We understand the tax assessment appeal process and are ready to assist you.